We are here to cater for your every meeting and event need

In the last three months we have catered for well over 50 events. We can cater for your every need offering 1st class hospitality from our hotel pictured below based at Cathedral Road Cardiff.

Here is a photo of one of our rooms setup ready for a recent event where we catered for 80 people providing a three course meal.

If you are a business or an events organiser we are here to make sure that your event run’s smoothly making sure all of your hospitality needs are met. Here is a photo of one of our business conference rooms available for bookings now.

Between all of our hospitality workers we have over 50 years experience working in the catering trade. We have managers who have experience of working in mainstream London organising the catering events and everything needed to deliver a 1st class hospitality service. When you book an event at our venue you will be in safe hands knowing that we will take care of your every need.